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HerbSpace invites you for physical as well as mental transformation with its complete range of all-natural aromatherapy based therapeutic and cosmetic products. We support you in improving your quality of life using plant-based blends and serums that are loved by all for their therapeutic properties. You can also bookmark our site for your daily dose on beauty and wellness. Reach us today to start living a happier, more fulfilling life!


Tapping into the therapeutic power of the plants, we encourage you to adopt a chemical-free way of living. Incorporate our Aromatherapy blends into your daily routine to nurture your body’s natural strength with a healing touch of massage therapy in order to live a healthy life.



Inviting plants into our beauty routines, we assist you to uncover the exquisite and gorgeous you from inside out. Each of these blends combine essential oils to create beauty regime solutions where you can see and feel the difference immediately.



Period Pain Relief

Woman’s Oil has been especially crafted to heal the reproductive system. Made with Clary Sage and Lavender, this lovingly crafted blend is a perfect remedy to address all your problems related to the reproductive systems like PMS, menopause, excessive pain, excessive bleeding, irregular cycles, abdominal pain, itching and irritability and even mood swings. Comes in a leak proof roll-on to meet your on-the-move requirements and in a sturdy bottle for your medicine cabinet.

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Stress Relief

As we engage more with life, there are multiple areas demanding our attention. As a result, our mind is never able to disconnect and rest and is constantly exposed to the response of fight or flight that takes a toll on our nervous system and may cause serious damage to it in the long term. Assyrian Mystic blend calms down your nervous system, thereby relieving stress and helps you reconnect with life. The aromatic essential oils used in this blend are extracted from Lavender, Ylang-Ylang and Clary Sage. Comes in a leak proof roll-on to meet your on-the-move requirements and in a sturdy bottle for your medicine cabinet.

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